End of Geography – WECS as a case study

Internet has enabled the “End of Geography” and I will like to share the example of WECS

Few thoughts First
In the age of Internet, Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, if any of the Entrepreneurs  are not using these Digital then it is a wilful criminal negligence as an entrepreneur.

Language, Location is not a constraint at all for communication, collaboration

Most of my projects, clients, partners, team are Global. Many of the successful entrepreneurs today are either providers of tools, technologies and services for “digital” services or running their “businesses” via digital services.

Design, Sourcing, Procurement, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service are all being done digitaly

Of course old adage of “Location, Location & Location” are still important in case your products or services are physical.

Being at Times Square in New York City or Silicon Valley in California or Piccadilly in London; Connaught Place in Delhi or Maurya Lok in Patna has own advantages for any any retail business like Saloons, Beauticians, Fast Food, Grocery Shops, Retail Outlets etc  But even those hyperlocal business have started using digital for “sales & marketing” and of course “backend”. In fact digital is making it possible that “front-end, middle-office, back-end” are all connected to each other and customer doesn’t feel at all.

  1. WECS I am in touch with a very inspiring group of women entrepreneurs in Bihar, organized under “Women Entrepreneurs Cooperative Society” ( Facebook Page), http://www.wecsociety.org/ ( Website) who are connecting entrepreneurs locally by collaborating together. They are creating wealth and jobs in the local economy. It is being run by volunteer members like Kalpana Sharma jee, Madhu jee, Mamta jee and mentored by a group of mentors spread across the world.Of course our social ventures like
  2. Bharat Entrepreneurs Network,
    1. BEN Launch Video
    2. Pre EventAccelerating Entrepreneurship in Bharat by BW on 9th Feb
    3. Post Event BEN Launch Coverage by BW on 13th Feb 
  3. Bihar Entrepreneurs Network
    Launch Video from Bodh Gaya
    BEN Launch at Bodh Gaya – Telegraph
    BEN launch interview on Telegraph of IIMA Atul Kumar & XLRI Kumar Ankit
  4. Jharkhand Entrepreneurs Network
    1. Jharkhand Investment Summit in California & New York
    2. Jharkhand Investors Summit in Ranchi
  5. IIM Society
    It all starts with Digital & Global First before establishing Physical & Local  Chapters etc.
    Both Global & Local matter or as some say, GLOCAL

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