Apple is one of the most valuable brands in the world. It’s products like iPod, iPhone, MacBooks, Siri, iTunes, Appstore have a major role in our lives. As the most dominant platform for  “Music,Pictures,,Information, Communication & Entertainment, Collaboration” in the current world. Even a small change in the iOS or iPhone impacts billions just like minor changes in Google Search algorithm impacts billions. We had a WWDC Event by Apple this week. The previous CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is among the most iconic, loved entrepreneurs, business leaders. His keynote address on the launch of Mac or iPone were world events.  His keynote at Stanford University with the message of “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”  still inspires millions. To follow after such iconic leader is a tough job that Tim Cook has to live through every time he comes on stage during an Apple event. Apple follower, lovers look forward to WWDC event with lot of enthusiasm.

Few key take aways from latest WWDC were
1) Introduction of a Home Speaker  ( Competition to Amazon Echo, Google Home)
2) New Macbook Pros, Air

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