Our Approach

We believe in Trust & Relationships as our most invaluable asset. Commercially , we believe in th Freemium Model where our services are available for free to "nonprofits" and "business" to try us out but then we charge "fee", "revenue share" for our consulting and other services after having shown the value we can deliver

Our Story

We are a purpose driven company and started with social ventures like
1) Bharat Entrepreneurs Network , Bharat Entrepreneurs Network Curator & Co-Founder
2) Jharkhand Entrepreneurs Network ( Co-Founder)
3) Bihar Entrepreneurs Network (Co-Founder)
4) Bihar Women Cooperative Society  (Mentor)
4) IIM Society Curator & Co-Founder
5) Healthy2050 ( Curator & Co-Founder)

and now are focussing into generating revenue by consulting projects with clients like Innominds so that we can generate wealth, create jobs and support and scale our social ventures

Meet the Team

This is a group started by Atul Kumar but we are expecting more members to join the team who share a similar and complementary passion for Technology

Atul Kumar
Atul is a multipreneur with multiple passions including Technology, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Education. He lives in Bay Area California and is an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad where he graduated from in 2001



Next Steps...

The best way to reach us is via a message on Whatsapp at +1 203 987 4452 or via our website.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram also works well