Flying to India for 4 months ( 26th Oct 2016 to 15th Feb 2017) to be with parents. My father is getting operated for Heart Valve Replacement. A message on my whatsapp,
+1 203 987 4452 and email (atultechatgmaildotcom with subject line is best way to reach me. I will also be working in Delhi NCR for those 4 months so will love to hear from you on any consulting., advisory or teaching roles, My website is, http://atultech.com/connect

With Parents in Rajasthan many years back

With Parents in Rajastthan many years back

CM Raghubar Da walking with investor Prakash Hinduja in 5th Avneue, Manhattan, New York City

CM Raghubar Da walking with investor Prakash Hinduja in 5th Avneue, Manhattan, New York City

Week of 25th Sept – 30th Sept has been dedicated to my motherland Jharkhand. After many months of wait learnt that the government is coming to  America for Investment Promotion. CM Raghubar Das and his large delegation of 15 came to Mining Expo in Las Vegas on 26th Sept, followed by SF Bay Area from 27th to 28th Sept before flying to NYC for meetings at NYC and a public event by BJANA at  New Jersey. I got involved with my full force and spent many late nights to work on this effort. Already lot of progress has been made and 4 days of packed days to go. We also have started receiving good media coverage. It has been a very learning experience working with Govt of Jharkhand, Consul Generals of NY & SF, EY, CII and many volunteers and team members across the world. I have been using Whatsapp, Google Drive,  Facebook , Twitter to communicate and collaborate.

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TiE Young Entrepreneurs Silcon Valley 2016-2017

You are a High School student and want to change the world but need guidance on how entrepreneurship is the way to do that then register for TYE. Here over 6 months., you will be trained and mentored by experts with a proven track record and reputation for doing exactly that. We are starting enrollment from 20th August for our latest program of TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs). The course will start from September 17th and consist of classroom sessions, business plan competition and a chance to win $10,000 prize and present at TiECON 2017.

Proposed dates:
10 sessions on alternate Saturdays
  1. 17th Sep 2016  Week 1: https://youtu.be/NR4kjd1IiKQ     
  2. 1st Oct 2016  Week 2: https://youtu.be/EG8pOn_msb4 
  3. 15th Oct 2016 Week3: coming
  4. 5th Nov 2016
  5. 19th Nov 2016
  6. 3rd Dec 2016
  7. 21st Jan 2017
  8. 4th Feb 2017
  9. 18th Feb 2017
  10. 4th Mar 2017
18th March Presentation/ Graduation Ceremony
Time: 9 a.m to Noon (1.5 hours instruction and 1.5 hours networking/presentations/mentoring)
Price: $350 for the session

http://tie.org/tie-young-entrepreneurs/ ( site will be updated shortly with this event)



Myself and Shivani Bhasin are volunteering as as Program Directors (volunteer) to organize TyE (TiE Youth Entrepreneurship) program for High School Students between 15-20 years of age from 17th Sept 2016 to 18th Mar 2017. We will be guided by Naeem Zafar and various chartered members, entrepreneurs and guest faculty as well TiE leaders including TiE SV Executive Director, Jay Vishwanathan,  Program Director, Dipty Desai and Nihaar Patwardhan

TiE Young Entrepreneurs  is a Global program aimed at fostering our future generation of entrepreneurs. TYE focuses on teaching entrepreneurship to high school students and helping them discover the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. During the program the students form teams, go through classroom session modules focused on different aspects of business and entrepreneurship, then write their own business plans. Teams compete at the chapter level Finals first and the winner of each chapter goes on to the Global Competition to compete for $10,000. TYE was established in 2005 by the TiE Boston chapter as a part of it’s education program, TYE has become a Global Program and now over 20 chapters throughout the TiE network participate each year.


Festival of Globe

Atul iPhone6 601

Whatsapp at +1 203.987.4452 or my facebook Page, http://www.facebook.com/atulconnects is the best way to reach me

Atul is the CEO & Co-Founder of A++ Ventures ( A garland/web to weave all the non-profit, for-profit ventures in Health, Edu, Skills, Governance. Currently GEO focuss in America, Europe, India – Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi NCR, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat etc.)

www.linkedin.com/in/atulkumar ( Professional Profile)
www.twitter.com/atultech ( Twitter)
www.facebook.com/atultech ( Facebook)
https://www.pinterest.com/atultech ( Pintrest)
https://plus.google.com/+AtulKumar001 ( Google+)
https://www.youtube.com/user/atultech2003 (YouTube)
Skype: atultech

India Trip in June 2016 ( 4th June to 22nd June)
Spent quality time with Family ( last trip was too rushed)

  1. Visited Sulabh Office and had good trip of the World Toilet Museum  and met Journalists of Mithila/Bihar in Press Club 4th June
    Came to Patna for Ma-Papa Golden Jubilee and spent good 1 week at Patna with family. Visited village Kewani in Chhapra and another village ( 5th-10th June)
  2.  Mumbai met friends, schoolmates , classmate from IIMA (11-June)
  3. Hyderabad ( met in-laws), ( 12-June)
  4. Bangalore ( met Narayan Murthy of Catamaran,  Tracxn team,  school mates and friends),  ( 13-14 June)
  5. spent good time at IIT Madras, visited Sanjeevani Ayurveda and got seen by Doctors, (15th-16th June)
  6. Came to Calcutta to meet sister for few hours ( 16th June)
  7. Came to Ranchi and met Govt and attended Assocham event to announce A++ CompuLab. Good time with IIM Ranchi Students at their beautiful hostel ( 17th June)
  8. Back to Patna on 18th June
  9. Flew to Delhi with parents for Papa’s health and spent quality time with NRI Family Health team in Delhi Office, visited IIFT, IIT etc. Met the founders of various ventures in A++ Ventures, Quality time with Prof Prabhat Ranjan and Binod Rai jee and Priyanka Manjari jee,  (19th to 22nd June)
    Could not Meet Dept of Health & Family Welfare, HRD, Education in Delhi

India Trip Summary for Dec 2015
Returned from India trip 29th Nov to 6th Dec and back to work on my start-up and ventures.  Very hectic trip with lot of fun times with family, shopping for the marriage at Hyderabad, LittiPeCharcha at Delhi, catch-up with school friends, meetings with a Member of Parliament & Leader of a India’s largest Social Org in Delhi.
Came to meet parents and family at Patna, couldn’t meet IIT Patna.

Road trip to  IIM Gaya ( 3 hours with them), break at Hazaribagh, followed by rest and quality time spent with Mausa, Mausi, Sister, Brother in law.

Meetings with Jharkhand Govt, IIM Ranchi meeting with Jharkhand CM followed by late night discussions with family.

Drive to Patratu Dam next day and then to Tata to meet Mama, Mami, Mausa, Mausi, Nana, Nani and kids, rush to catch train to Kolkotta to meet sister and nephew, no flight to Mumbai so skipped plans and next morning rushed to Ahmedabad to meet Professors and CAO and later also hostelmate/classmate who is a Commissioner at Gandhinagar.

Flew to Jaipur for the marriage function and spent good time with family, enjoyed the function, met distant relatives for the first time, also met friends from newport and delhi who came to the marriage, flew to Delhi next day and now back to San Jose. Fun 7 days in India and time to resume the work at A++ Ventures and make some money

About me
CEO and Co-founder of A++ Ventures.  Healthcare & Education Entrepreneur by day, Social activist/entrepreneur by night, aspiring author, keynote speaker by weekend. . Used to live in Newport, Jersey City, NJ  and spent 10+ years in Tristate ( CT, NY, NJ) and mainly worked in New York City with frequent travel to Manhattan, Greater Pittsburgh, Greater Philadelphia and other parts in North East. Recently relocated to San Jose, CA ( Bay Area) to help DISRUPT Healthcare Industry and also accelerate other social and commercial ventures.

Passionate about collecting, connecting, curating ideas, ideals network of institutions to help serve causes that care about. Passionate about Bihar, Jharkhand,  India, Entrepreneurship, Education and Healthcare.

Tata, Ranchi, Tilaiya, New York City, Boston, Amsterdam, Montreal are few favorite places but Patna, Newport Jersey City, Manhattan and Bay Area California feel like home.

Stanford, MIT, Harvard, NYU, Columbia, Rutgers, IIMs, IITs & SST are few of favorite institutions. Studied at SST, Modern School, AN College and IIM Ahmedabad with Executive Program at Duke Univrsity. Co-founder of start-ups since school days.  Ventures include a comics library ,  A++ Compulab, BEN, JEN and Healthy2050. Corporate experience include GEGE Capital, Genpact, Accretive Health,  NFP Focus, Infosys & Virtusa.

Currently focussed on few Health Ventures including Healthy2050, NRI Family Health. To help the world become & remain Healthy by 2050 is a BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL ( BHAG) that has captured the mind.

Always happy  to discuss ideas about current trends and possibilities in Future of Health.

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29 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Atul Ji.. 🙂
    U Are Amazing.. I Feel Really Happy & So Privileged To Know U & Ur Good Works.
    Keep Doing The Great & Noble Deeds Of Urs With Such Enthusiasm & Positive Appeal….Keep Going….. !! Cheers… !!
    Thank U For Making Bihar & India So Proud In Ur Own Little Great Ways…. Way To Go….. !!
    Am Really So Thrilled….
    Regards & Respect.. !!
    जय जय बिहार.. जय भारत.. जय हिन्द.. !! 🙂

  2. Hello Sir,
    Very Good Initiative. We are very happy to see this that you are making such an effort which bring Bihar and Bihar’s delicious food in light of World. We all are with you keep it up. 🙂

    1. Thanks Himanshu jee. I also appreciate the endless support from people like you on the ground. Let’s keep working on these initiatives together and make Bihar and India shine again.

  3. Excellent is d word that strikes ma mind going through profile. One common thing dat we share is m also sainiki.Many thinks but never do but u r doing everything for the betterment of state n country.keep it up.

    1. Thanks Sumit for your kind words. Coming from a fellow Sainiki is even better. Will love to talk to you and share ideas how we can work together and join in serving our state and country.

    1. Dear Bharatendu jee

      Very happy to get your comments on my website. As always will count you as my sounding board and advisor. Do want to contribute to Healthcare Infrastructure at global level but Bihar and Jharkhand is a priority because it is where my roots are and owe much of education to. Hope to make you proud.

      You can also visit my new venture, http://aplusplus.co


    1. Thanks Samyak for your kind words. Let us work together and do our bit to transform Bihar within our generation so that future generations can be proud of being called a BIHARI.

  4. We appreciate you Atul ji for innovative work in Health sector…..Hope people of ground zero will be part of your venture ideas.


    Suman Kumar
    BRLPS, Jeevika, patna

    1. Yes Suman jee. People at Ground Zero will be the most important part of our venture. We can not do much without people on the ground. Unlike most other sectors of economy, Health is very personal and private and requires trust, empathy and understanding. Would love to have you and Jeevika as partners.

  5. Hi sir,

    Great to hear & read about you and your works. It would be great if you can share the works you are doing under healthy 2050.

  6. Respected sir,
    Am Dr.Raajneesh from chennai
    I wish to pursue mba
    Wats the scope for me??
    I wish to create a brand of some sort in health care
    I wish to change how the corporate hospitals run…

  7. You are highly energetic person. Your net-worth is your network. Great! I am alsways with you physically, mentally and financially. You should prioritise and little bit more organised. Sky is the limit for you.

    1. Hi Shivendra,

      Would love to meet you too. I will share my trip details as soon as have confirmation. You can check with me on my twitter or facebook page too for updates about my travel. Best option is to ping me on whatsapp and I will add you to my broadcast group about India Trip.

      Best Regards,
      Atul Kumar
      +1 203 987 4452

  8. Dear Atul,
    I really appreciate a meeting with you in Epic Computer room and could know about you and your work, efforts. I will certainly do something to achive our common goal for the students and people of Ranchi/ Jharkhand.
    I will be meeting you shortly with proposal.
    Subhash Malhotra

  9. Dear atul ji. Understandyour valued effort for ptogress of jharkhand. I appreciate the efforts. One qyestion is in my mind. Do you think the rotten beurocracy in past 65 years will provides opportunity too new ststartup boys and girls of jharkhand. A state have lot of potentials but leaders have not the required intentions. Investors are in jharkhand and jharkhand people want to do some thing for jharkhand. Best of luck.

    1. Shankar jee. Any startup has to work with, without or inspite of governments. Yes there are lot of incompetent, insecure, corrupt bureaucrats in Jharkhand like in any oter state. However there are some very highly motivated, competent ones too. I plan on finding & working with those few. One of the key persons in Secretary to CM, Sunil Barnwal. I met few others too like Amit Khare who exposed Chara Ghotala. I would recommend finding those jewels and partnering with them and not get lost in the noise and dust that exists around those diamonds.

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